500 SL Dragster (Photo: Rod Hatfield)

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Have you ever looked at an older Mercedes-Benz 500 SL and thought, "The only thing wrong with this car is that it's not a dragster?" Well, we haven't either, but luckily, Rick Lefever has us covered. Born into a family of racers and not content with mere street-car quarter-mile times, Lefever went the full nine yards with his Benz, creating an entirely custom, stretched Pro Mod dragster, weighing just 816 kilograms. As you'd expect, little of the original 500 SL remains, although the shell is unmistakable, right down to the surprisingly original paint scheme. The German powerplant was ditched in favor of massive 526-cubic-inch big-block mill, complete with four — yes, four — turbochargers.

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