Boooooooring.(Photo: Henryk T. Kaiser, Photolibrary, Getty Images)

Cars so boring and dreary, they'll put you to sleep.

Last June, sports columnist Joe Posnanski wrote an unflattering piece about baseball's strikeout king Adam Dunn, which read in part: "You could argue — what the heck, I will argue — that Adam Dunn in 2011 is the single least enjoyable player to watch in baseball history ... Watching him over the first half of this season has been so dreary, so depressing, that after seeing him play a couple of games in a row I feel like I need a shot of Vitamin D or a vacation to someplace sunny."

It got us to thinking: What is the automotive equivalent of Adam Dunn? What is the dreariest, most uninspired new vehicle you can buy today? What goes about its business on our highways and byways without a single head turning or an appreciative nod in its direction? In fact, finding ten of them wasn't difficult. For the most part, they are reasonably competent, useful and reliable rides. Just don't expect anyone to get excited when you roll up in one of these.

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