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They survived?

when animals and automobiles meet part 2

In all respects, the unlucky folks caught in the videos compiled here should probably be dead. But not only do they survive these heinous crashes, many of them walk away — literally in shock to still be unharmed. Of course, some suffer broken bones, whiplash and bruises — but all of them are lucky to be alive.

Introducing eleven jaw-dropping videos that will leave you asking yourself one simple question: they survived?

This guy gets a little too aggressive with weaving in and out of trafifc on the highway, loses control and slams right into an oncoming semi. It's absolutely mind-boggling that he simply walks away with a couple scratches.

This video is as equally insane as the last. You might just drop your coffee cup when you see how far the motorcyclist flies through the air (or at least replay the video five times, like we did).

Four words: thank you, roll cage.

You never know what might happen when behind the wheel. Warning: you won't see this one coming so be prepared! (And lower volume if wearing headphones).

This car full of people gets taken out by a stray tire. It's amazing the driver manages to keep the car from flipping. Scary stuff.

It’s not every day you see a driver wrap his car around a pole and get thrown out of the vehicle — then walk away. Not to mention that he’s extremely lucky the oncoming car stopped in time, too.

A one-year-old baby gets tossed out of the back window and into the middle of an icey street in Russia when the car she was in collides with an oncoming semi truck. We sang five Hail Marys that she was unharmed.

A car accelerates to ridiculous speeds for apparently no reason and comes to a not-so-gentle stop. Apparently everyone was ok (though we're sure ok is a relative word, here).

One more reason why not to drive a motorbike. Although it looks painful, the rider seems only to injure his ankle after this brutal t-bone collison.

Yes, it's definitely a scary thing when you stop on a highway and the person driving the huge semi truck behind you does not.

Getting rear-ended at high speeds on a highway is bad — but having both cars involved burst into flames is worse.

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