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Cars that hold the highest resale value

After three years, which new cars are worth the most?

After three years, which new cars are worth the most?
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What's the best way to measure a car? Well, that depends. Comfort and reliability are important. So are features, specs and customization options. And it's almost unanimous that all drivers want a little power behind the wheel — an engine that goes "pop."

Though, as the global economy repairs but at a rate somewhere slower than a Ford Aerostar's top speed, perhaps the best gauge of a standout vehicle today is residual value. Indeed, as the recession has changed consumer behaviour, motorists now want a car that keeps its worth, holding resale value so their rides aren't a total sunk cost when it comes time to sell. Over 19 total categories, from sub compact to pickups and everything in between, here are the cars with the highest resale value, as scored by market analysts ALG. Does your car best hold its worth in its class? Click through to find out.

*Awards are given by ALG to the vehicles in each class that are predicted to retain the highest percentage oftheir original price after a three year period.

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