Updated: November 13, 2013 3:45 PM | By Mark Atkinson for MSN Autos

Caught on camera: World's craziest cars

Yes, your eyes do not fool you. This is a toilet-shaped car.

It’s one thing to want to personalize your vehicle to your tastes, but sometimes there’s just something that drives a few owners to go far beyond what the rest of us deem possible. Whether that’s modifying one thing to do another or creating something completely from scratch, these people have more than just a little screw loose ...

So here’s video proof that at least 10 people were crazy enough to get behind the wheel of their creations.

When the name of your national race series is called V8 Supercars, it makes sense, then, that Australians like putting V8s into, under and on things. Here’s the latest: a skateboard created for Tony Hawk.

Customizing a vehicle by making it longer is standard fare for foreign diplomats in most countries, but this is the first time we’ve seen them make one wider.

This car is a crazy mix of seriously raised body on low-rider wheels and tires. Wonder how that thing corners?

A car completely at the other extreme, this time so low to the ground that its wheels squeeze out through the side. We’d guess the inside of each tire wears out ridiculously quickly.

Ever have the sudden urge to find a bathroom while driving but there aren’t any in sight? The owner of this ‘outhouse on wheels’ appears to not worry about such things. Hod-rodders can be a strange bunch.

Here’s another couple courtesy of a gentleman in India. Beyond the toilet-themed conveyance is an impressive ‘suitcase’ car, one with a scooter engine and kart-like mechanicals. Talk about convenient.

While this enormous guitar-shaped bicycle is human-powered, it still requires four wheels and probably weighs as much as a Smart Fortwo. It’s nearly 15 metres long and looks like it’d get stuck under German bridges ...

What appears to be a souped-up lawn tractor with a plow attached flies by more than a few cars traveling over 100 km/h... on a highway! Never mind that he’s almost killed in a collision.

Spotting a home-built ultralite aircraft being used without its wings on a road in Russia really shouldn’t surprise us at all, should it? Hope a pedestrian doesn’t step into the blade at a traffic light!

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