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Craziest car explosions caught on camera

Craziest automobile explosions caught on camera

The internal combustion engine is a fantastic thing whose safety we take for granted. Thousands of tiny controlled explosions happening every minute, providing power and freedom. However, when things go wrong, we’re reminded of just how volatile the whole system really is, often followed by a big bang and lots of flames…

Here are 10 videos of vehicle explosions that’ll surely wake you up this morning!

1. Crazy car explosion

A tiny burning hatchback makes huge bang in Belgium! What’s that saying about big things from small packages?

2. Car explodes in fireman's face

How did this firefighter not die from surprise? Amazed that he so nonchalantly saunters away after it explodes to spray the car from behind?

3. Spectacular van explosion

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to vehicles carrying enormous amounts of flammable liquids. This commercial van looks more like the remnants of a Die Hard or Bourne movie rather than reality.

4. Corvette bursts into flames

Mix one '70s Corvette, an enormous supercharged engine and a burnout contest, and you'll get a seriously toasted hot rod... Guessing the owner figured he’d already be replacing tires, not the whole car!

5. Russian gas truck crashes... then explodes

A truck with what seems like a million natural gas canisters in the bed crashes, and the results are heart-stopping. This being Russia, the incident is caught from several angles thanks to excellent use of personal dash-mounted cameras...

6. Insane propane truck explosion

More explosions in Russia, although now what happens when a full-size propane-filled truck goes boom. Smartly shot from much farther away, but you can see other vehicles closer to the scene.

7. Truck stunt fail

Trying to see how fast a modified SUV can climb a steep sand dune ends in disaster. The engine blows relatively quickly, but the final death blow is another 30 seconds in.

8. Extreme burnout

Gotta love hooning a junker in an empty field. Foot to the floor until something breaks, which it does spectacularly here. Yes, that's part of a broken wheel rolling by...

9. Drag racer explodes mid-race

Funny Cars produce around 8,000 horsepower, so when the engine in Ron Capps’ Charger blew at the recent NHRA Winternationals, it meant a huge explosion and parts flying everywhere.

10. Car gets destroyed by dyno test machine

When you're testing a 4,000-pound Mustang Shelby GT500 that already starts with ridiculous amounts of horsepower and torque, you'd best use a dynometer not hacked together in your backyard.

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