Alfa Romeo 3.2-litre V6 engine // Alfa Romeo V6 engine

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Alfa Romeo 3.2-litre V6 engine

My 10th favourite Alfa isn't an actual car but just an engine, the V6 first offered in the Alfa Six. Oddly configured with a single overhead camshaft driving the intake valves and short pushrods actuating the exhaust, the original 2.5L started out with just 156 horsepower, but displacement was eventually pushed to 3.2 litres (with double overhead cams) for 247 horsepower when it appeared in the last GTVs. Neither number is huge by today's standards, but there has never been a sweeter-sounding V6 in the history of internal combustion. Fiery and enthusiastic where most V6s are weedy and pedestrian, the Alfa V6 meant never having to turn on the radio. It even looked the part, the six individual intake runners as close to sexy as a mere intake manifold could ever be and cylinder head covers emblazoned with the famed Alfa Romeo script. It's so beautiful, you wouldn't be out of your mind wanting to park everywhere with the hood up.