Hyundai Tiburon(Photo: Hyundai)

The U.S.-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an insurance-industry-funded safety group, has taken all its relevant data on driver fatalities over a four-year span (2006-2009) and scored most vehicles on sale today. To be included there had to be at least 100,000 of a model registered over that timeframe so some low-volume manufacturers and high-performance cars were excluded.

The IIHS says that it also adjusted for factors like "driver age and gender, calendar year, vehicle age, and vehicle density at the garaging location. Previously, researchers had adjusted only for driver age and gender."

In this gallery, we're presenting the 20 most dangerous models. The scores listed are the IIHS's determination of driver deaths per million registered vehicle years looking at 2005-'08 models during calendar years 2006-'09.

Some of these results are incredibly shocking, and it's worth noting that no study is perfect, and there are some leaps in logic that stand out. Still, this can still provide useful information, if only as a thumbnail of a larger picture.