May 7, 2014 2:30 PM | By Mark Atkinson for MSN Autos

Inside the world of tough trucks

Tough are the trucks we love

As much as we love our cars, it’s hard to deny that the best-selling vehicles in Canada for decades have been pickup trucks. They’re everywhere, and despite new trims and equipment, high-tech materials and turbochargers, under the skin they’re still basic, rear-wheel-drive body-on-frame construction. Rugged, tough and able to handle abuse without complaining much.

So consider this a celebration of trucks – both light-duty pickups and larger work truck. Here are 10 of our favourite videos that cover nearly every aspect of how they’re used, both for work and play.

1. Awesome Monster Truck Back Flip

When it comes to enormous monster trucks, Grave Digger is probably equal in popularity to the legendary Big Foot. This jacked-up old-school panel van manages a perfect backflip in front of a big crowd in Las Vegas.

2. Insane Truck Jump

The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is easily the most capable off-road pickup available today thanks to a completely reworked suspension with enormous amounts of travel. However, it is still a production vehicle, which means things like, well, airbags. See what happens when this owner decides to jump his black Raptor farther than he should.

3. Monster Truck Double Back Flip

Apparently doing a mere single backflip in a monster truck is passé now. So the Mohawk Warrior truck driver figured he’d be able to do two. Well, more a single and then another single immediately after, but still seriously impressive.

4.Toy Truck Pulls Real Truck

Peterbilt trucks have long been associated with toughness and torque, but what about a scale radio controlled version? This one has enough drive to pull an older Nissan Pickup without too much trouble. Love the realistic pipes puffing exhaust!

5. Redneck Farm Truck Dragster

The definition of a sleeper is something that doesn’t look at all flashy, but provides surprising performance. This ratty old Chevrolet pickup is the very definition of sleeper, including the stock painted steel wheels.

6. Truck Blows Up During Tug-O-War

Remember those fun games of tug-o-war during grade school? Well, these guys are still playing even though they’re much older and the stakes are significantly more expensive.

7. Truck with Awesome Caterpillar Tracks

Some people who aren’t fans of big pickups sometimes refer to them as ‘tanks.’ One Dodge Ram owner took that to heart, sourcing a set of tracks from a big work vehicle and doing a seriously cool custom install. Wonder if that’ll pass safety?

8. Truck Crashes Through Fence Into Woods

When you think of what appeals to European racing fans, things like Formula 1 or touring car racing probably spring to mind. But transport-truck racing is serious business, with immense factory support and huge crowds wherever they go. But even though these beasts have enormous water-cooled brakes and sticky tires, they still weigh 5,500 kg in race trim, and physics still works its magic.

9. Truck Engine Blows Smoke Rings

Racing vehicles provide all kinds of interesting things to excite the senses, especially when super-slow-motion video is involved. This Stadium Super Truck blows perfect smoke rings during some hard cornering, something rarely seen before.

10. Transport Truck Drag Racing

We’ve already seen what transport trucks can do around a circuit with turns; how about a straight-up drag race? Oh, and with a fully-loaded double trailer attached? Talk about frame twist…

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