March 24, 2014 8:45 AM | By Mark Atkinson

Spectacular towing fails

Spectacular towing disasters

While the towing industry might come across as a little rough and uncivilized in Canada, the reality is that for the most part, it is heavily regulated and reasonably safe. But that doesn’t stop people from trying to avoid calling one at nearly any cost, which more often than not, leads to even more trouble.

Check out these videos to see some pretty spectacular towing fails (and one that is successful, but involves a tank).

1. Tow Trucks Owned at Parking Gate

Having to be towed out of a parking garage can be tricky at the best of times, but you’d think the tow truck driver would find an attendant to disable the automatic gate system? That’s not going to buff out

2. Towing Fail

Getting your car stuck in a ditch while navigating a temporary grass parking lot is one thing. But when a kind Land Rover owner tries to get the little hatch out of the ditch, you’d think someone would offer to get inside and work the steering wheel and brakes?

3. How Russians Tow Cars

Hard to say whether this is accurate or not, but seeing a crane pick up a pair of new Mazda6 sedans in Russia is shocking to say the least. They look to be in perfect condition… well, at least before they were ‘towed.’

4. Tow Truck Pushes City Bus

Public transportation can be hairy at the best of times, but when snow blankets a city, things can really get ugly. This metro bus in Seattle was having trouble climbing a snow-covered hill, and got some help from a mahoosive tow truck.

5. How Not to Tow a Car

Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the professionals, something the owner of this Lexus learned the hard way. Why? Tow cables that aren’t strong enough popping at the wrong time mean the ES 350 is swimming with the fishes.

6. Using a Bus For a Tow Doesn’t Work Out

Smart thinking can help save some bucks if all you need is a push start. But these guys weren’t smart enough to realize what might happen once the car was moving…

7. How Not to Tow a Car – Part 2

Those pesky Russians again… Yanking a Lada Niva out of a precarious situation by using a piece of heavy equipment works well, at least until gravity takes over…

8. Two Trucks Go Over Cliff in Norway

When a transport truck gets stuck going up a snowy mountain road in Norway, a couple heavy-duty tow trucks come to its aid. Then, when trying to get it moving again, the transport slides through the guardrail and down the ravine, taking the pair of helpers with it.

9. Army Tank Tows Truck in Russia

While this footage of the Russian city of Volgograd looks like it’s been hit by a fair amount of snow, we’re not sure it’s any worse that what happens regularly in Canadian cities. However, anyone else remember how much flack ex-Toronto mayor Mel Lastman got for calling in the army in a similar situation?

10. Subaru Tows Police Car Stuck in Snow

Usually, drivers of highly modified Subaru Impreza WRX’s are trying not to catch the attention of police. Perhaps this one figured a little positive PR would help their cause?

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