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Road racing insanity

Car racing madness

Driving is a privilege, one that millions pursue every day to get to work, shuttle kids on a school run, take road trips, whatever. But there is a small fraction who decide to break the law in spectacular fashion. Whether they’re street racing, drifting or joy riding, there’s an obvious thrill that can’t – or won’t – be filled in legal means. This collection of videos shows some of the reckless behaviour, and no one thankfully injured in any of them. Obviously, we don’t condone any behaviour found here, and legal, safer means – like race-tracks – should be encouraged.

1. Biker runs out of gas during police chase

This biker seems very confident he can lose the cops on his tail. Indeed, he is overtly cocky. That is, until he runs out of gas and gets taken down by the cops.

2. Street Drifting Gone Wrong

We are all aware that drifting got started by Japanese drivers on mountain roads and city streets, rebelling against an overbearing society. Like other forms of street racing, illegal drifting still happens daily, and things are just as likely to get ugly when something goes wrong.

3 Nissan GT-R vs Superbikes

The Nissan GT-R is an amazing machine that even in stock form can embarrass cars costing twice or three-times its price. Apparently it can even beat the ultra-rapid Yamaha R1 and Suzuki GSX R1000 in a minute-long street race too. Seriously impressive, if highly illegal.

4. Speeding biker wipes out in front of cop

Sometimes you just feel like you got to race, especially if you're on a motorbike. The driver here, though, doesn't expect to see a waiting police car on the other side of a hair pin corner.

5. Five flips on a four-wheeler

Although not stricly a race per se, these two were definitely speeding. So when this couple took a ride in a RZR 900 they reached speeds up to 100 km/h. When the vehicle hit a ditch, the car rolled over 5 times. Luckily they were both wearing seat belts!

6. Pre-Race Showoff Fail

If you’re going to be competing in an illegal street race, maybe reconsider dancing on your car’s roof before the flag even drops? Karmic justice takes over when he misses the edge. Embarrassing to say the least.

7. Russian Drifting Master

Take one 450-horsepower V8-powered Lexus IS-F plus one Russian driver with little self-control or respect for other drivers, and you get this mad drift through traffic. During the day. Luckily no one was hurt or spooked by his antics.

8. Close Call

Although this takes place during an organized and legal motorcycle race, there’s obviously a serious lack of consideration for spectator safety. When a young boy decides to run for a better viewing position, he’s nearly killed in the process. Thankfully, the oncoming rider just manages to get his machine slowed down enough to avoid the kid.

9. Overgrown Kids on Big Wheels

We all have fond memories of our Big Wheels and Green Machines, but most haven’t used one since we were in grade school. Apparently, people in San Francisco are a little different, and organized a race down some of the Bay Area’s hilliest roads. The results? Pure, fantastic chaos.

10. Volvo Drifting

Old Volvos have been used as the basis for subtle hot rods for decades. Heck, even Paul Newman, actor and racer extraordinaire had an old 960 wagon with a supercharged Ford V8 stuffed underhood. So this old red Volvo wagon has its own upgrade – a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder sourced from a Toyota Supra, and the results are amazing.

11. Crazy Drifting

How to get from the bottom of an open German parking garage to the top? Why, completely sideways, of course! A modified E36-generation BMW 3 Series is beautifully driven, albeit completely illegally.

12. Highway horse racing

The write-up at the bottom of the video sums it up: "If a cop were to pull them over, what in the world would he write on the traffic ticket?"

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