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Winter driving madness

Winter driving madness

This winter has been a doozey: -30 degree temperatures, strong winds, icey roads and the addition of the ominous term, "polar vortex," into our lexicon — a meteorological term that strikes fear into even the most well-tuned automobiles (well, maybe that's exaggerating things a bit). But one thing's for certain: Old Man Winter can wreak havoc on us poor folk behind the wheel.

From bumper-cars-on-ice, to high-speed highway crashes, here are 13 — funny, scary and ridiculous — videos from around the world that capture the madness of winter driving.

We've all experienced it: the oblivious pedestrian. This one, though, takes the cake. We're not sure if she has headphones on or what. But considering the car hits her, and she remains unphased, is quite an achievement.

Not a funny one. This video reveals just how treacherous a highway commute can be when the roads are slick. Scary stuff.

This time, the icey conditions create a comical "bumper cars" pile-up. Just watch — and laugh — as the owners and people on the street do their best to avoid the impending collisions.

This is why speeding on a snowy highway — regardless of your confidence level — is never a good idea.

Plenty of lakes get frozen over in the massive expanse of land we call Canada. This video may just prove to be more instructional than one would think at first glance.

Beware of where you park your car during winter. Danger may loom from above.

Old Man Winter can deliver some mind-boggling road conditions. And to think we get behind the wheel day after day like it was nothing? Wow.

Sometimes a simple hill can make a mockery out of any driver — and all of this just for a left turn!

Sometimes simply trying to get your car out of the snow can result in one big winter "fail."

You got to love the communal cheers after a group effort saves this very-slow-moving potential car crash.

Sometimes changing lanes equals a simple signal, shoulder-check and slight turn of the steering wheel in a direction. Other times, it means a complete loss of control, a 360 degree spin, some swerves and a push on the brakes (amazing).

This video shows how winter can turn our cars into mere pieces of junk.

We end with a crash scene that reveals just how miniscule and weak us commuters are in the face of Old Man Winter's rage.

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