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World’s fastest growing car companies

Which brands are poised for big growth?

Toyotas roll off an assembly line in Australia (© Photo: EPA/JOE CASTRO)
  • Toyotas roll off an assembly line in Australia (© Photo: EPA/JOE CASTRO)
  • Tata Motors (© REX/David Pearson)
  • Tata Motors (© REX/Bruce Adams / Daily Mail)
  • Nissan (© Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Geely Automotive (© REX/KPA/Zuma)
  • Geely Automotive (© REX/CHINE NOUVELLE/SIPA)
  • FAW Group (© Imaginechina/Corbis)
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While sports fans love betting on who will win hockey’s Stanley Cup or football’s Super Bowl, automotive executives get a thrill from predicting which car companies will grow the fastest.

To keep score, the accountants at KPMG released their 14th Annual Automotive Executive Survey. The research firm asked auto executives from around the world which brands will gain or lose market share between now, and 2018.

But what we as consumers see on today’s streets, as well as in advertising campaigns and at auto shows only tells a small part of the picture. Executives have knowledge that we aren’t privy to – information about vehicle profitability, market trends, and future technologies. This list is full of interesting international players, which might leave you a bit surprised: Detroit’s Big Three automakers, despite an onslaught of new products, are completely absent from this list.

Curious who’s made the cut? Here are the top 10 car companies the survey respondents think will grow the fastest in the next five years.

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