Judge tentatively OKs Honda pact on gas mileage

In this Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012, photo, Heather Peters, who says her 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid never achieved the gas mileage Honda claimed in its advertising, arrives at Small Claims Court in Torrrance, Calif., THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Reed Saxon

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego judge has tentatively approved a settlement to give owners of Honda Civic hybrids up to $200 cash over claims that gas mileage was inflated.

Superior Court Judge Timothy Taylor says the essence of a settlement is compromise. Honda wanted to pay nothing. The vehicle owners wanted more.

The case gained widespread attention after a Los Angeles woman won a nearly $10,000 judgment against Honda in small claims court last month. The judge says Heather Peters' victory carries little weight.

The judge has scheduled a hearing Friday to confirm his ruling and hear objections.