Updated: August 28, 2014 6:45 AM
The 20 best million-dollar cars

Top 20 cars that cost more than $1m

Top 20 cars that cost more than $1m (© Porsche)
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So maybe you don’t have a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, but what if your lottery ticket comes up? You need to start planning your garage now – and there are at least 20 million-dollar cars waiting to entertain you.

From brand new entries like the $1.18 million McLaren P1 and $1.77 million LaFerrari right up to the world’s most expensive new car – priced at almost $4.5 million – there’s a wealth of talent (quite literally) revving up in the pits.

Just to be clear, the prices we’ve quoted exclude local taxes and reflect American prices converted to the Canadian dollar. So if you actually want to buy one of these and register your car, you’ll need to not only set aside quite a bit of extra cash but double-check the price difference at your local Canadian dealer (unless you skip on over to the States to snag one, which would force you to pay even more taxes) — just so you know...

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