If someone asked you to name the best selling car of all time, would you know the answer?

Well we're not going to tell you just yet, but we've travelled back through the archives to find out just what the 50 best selling cars are, starting logically enough at number 50 and working forward to the world's best selling car, which has sold more than 32 million.

Honda Accord: (1976- ). Always reliable but dull, the Accord was never capable of giving the premium brands a hard time - until the arrival of the superb seventh-generation edition in 2003. 15,800,000+

With numbers like these, the chances are you will be intimately familiar with at least a few cars on this list. Perhaps you owned one of these as your first car, or your parents had one? Whatever your experience, though, we would love to hear your story if you've owned or aspired to own one of these cars.

Gallery: Top 50 best-selling cars ever

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