A very happy mechanic

Everyone wants to drive off a dealer's lot in their new car, truck or SUV without any reservations, at ease in a relationship that will last for 300,000 hassle-free miles, or more. Mechanics, on the other hand, hope for a very different scenario. They want you to pull up to their garages in smoking heaps that will cost big bucks to fix. A dependable, reliable vehicle is just bad for business. To help you find a trusty steed, we've turned to a couple of experts - Consumer Reports and the mechanics who slave in the trenches every day - to identify the five rides that'll keep you on the road and out of the repair shop.

On that note, we've also taken the time to identify the cars that make mechanics as giddy as schoolgirls. These are the five vehicles that landed on the dark side of Consumer Reports' 2010 Dependability Survey, representing the worst of the worst when it comes to reliability. When repair-shop owners see these cars, trucks and SUVs coming, they see dollar signs. Owners can only pray that all of the car's demons are exorcised before the factory warranty expires.

Find out exactly which these cars are by clicking through the gallery.