Stow 'n Go Seating (Photo: Chrysler)

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"Stow 'n Go", introduced by Chrysler in 2004, comes with second-row seats that fold into the floor. When the seats are up, the bins they fold into can be used for storage space. The third-row seats also fold into a well in the back of the van, leaving a flat, useful load floor that can even accommodate 4x8 sheets of plywood. The rear well doubles as a handy place to put groceries so they won't slide around. Stow 'n Go is standard on the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan, and is the main reason these are the most family-friendly minivans offered today. Other companies have developed the same rear seat/rear well configuration, but nobody else has Stow 'n Go-style second-row seats.

Cost: Third-row Stow 'n Go is standard on all Dodge and Chrysler minivans, and second-row Stow 'n Go is standard on certain trim levels.