October 30, 2012 3:16 PM | By Sean Carson for MSN Autos
Green supercars: The future of performance

Can speed, acceleration and driving pleasure live in a world of environmental concern? These automakers certainly think so …

BMW i8 (© Photo: BMW)
  • BMW i8 (© Photo: BMW)
  • Lightning GT (© Photo: Lightning)
  • Infiniti Emerg-E (© Photo: Infiniti)
  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E-Cell (© Photo: Mercedes-Benz)
  • Ferrari 599 HY-KERS Hybrid (© Photo: Ferrari)
  • Tesla Roadster Sport (© Photo: Tesla)
  • Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid (© Photo: Lotus)
  • Porsche 918 Spyder (© Photo: Porsche)
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Going fast is great fun, but with ever tightening emissions laws and finite fossil fuel resources threatening the future of the supercar, there has to be another, more efficient way to get your kicks. Here are our coolest green supercars.

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