November 1, 2012 3:51 PM | By Steve Mertl for MSN Autos
What to drive if you faint at the sight of high fuel prices

Large sedans: Hyundai Sonata

Large sedans: Hyundai Sonata (© Photo: Hyundai)
  • Subcompacts: Ford Fiesta SFE (© Photo: Ford)
  • Compacts: Honda Civic Hybrid (© Photo: Honda)
  • Mid-sizes: Toyota Prius (© Photo: Toyota)
  • Large sedans: Hyundai Sonata (© Photo: Hyundai)
  • Minivans: Toyota Sienna (© Photo: Toyota)
  • Special Purpose Vehicles: Ford Escape Hybrid (© Photo: Ford)
  • Pickup trucks: Toyota Tacoma (© Photo: Toyota)
  • Two-seaters: Honda CR-Z (© Photo: Honda)
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The Korean automaker's strikingly styled family car (starting at a little more than $24,000) is rated at 8.7/5/7 city/highway with the base 2.4-litre four-cylinder and a six-speed autobox. In the unfamiliar second spot, Honda's Accord, equipped with a 2.4-litre four-banger and five-speed manual rated at 8.8/5.8. But the Accord is almost $2,000 more and its 177-hp engine gives up 21 horsepower to the Sonata. Both have an estimated annual fuel cost of $1,554.

If you care a little bit more about performance, check out the Sonata 2.0T, which sports a 274-hp turbo four and a 9.3/6.0 city-highway fuel economy rating for around $29,000. Or, for another $1,000, you can have the new Sonata Hybrid with a combined output of 206-hp, 5.5/4.6 city-highway fuel economy and claims to reach 100 kilometres an hour on electric power only.

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