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April 17, 2013 1:15 PM | By Mark Toljagic for MSN Autos
Ten easy ways to make your car last longer

Extend the life of your car by following these simple tips

Extend the life of your car by following these simple tips
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You wouldn't abandon your house just because the kitchen faucet drips. So why would you trade in your car after just three or four years? Today's automobiles are so well made — most of 'em, anyway — that they're expected to rack up 300,000 km before they meet their fate in the scrap yard crusher.

Getting to that lofty number and beyond just requires a little care, along with some spit and polish (no kidding, a clean car will last longer). Here's some collective wisdom spelling out the best ways to keep your vehicle running long after the car loan has been paid off. Imagine that.

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