Northwest Territories (Photo: Rick Bowmer, AP Photo)

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Road: The Dehcho (MacKenzie) River
Artist: Leela Gilday
Title: Safe Passage

The river flows past many NWT communities from Hay River, across Great Slave Lake and down the Dehcho.

Voters' comments on this road:
kpollard: "The MacKenzie River was a road to the people here long before many of the roads in this country had been built. It still serves the people today as a way to travel, to trade, to access game and fish and as a beginning to endless adventures. The people along this river and throughout the North depend on the Dehcho for the things they need. Filled with wildlife and undisturbed wilderness, this river - for some - is the only road in a land without any roads at all. Not only does the river and nature amaze me every time I see it but I am struck by the selflessness that the people here display. There are countless stories of heroism, helpfulness and aid to those in distress on this river - to those who may have under-estimated her. It has been the scene for adventures of a lifetime for people from all over the world but I am proud and honoured to be able to experience its adventure every day of my life. She has taught me strength, patience, tolerance and love. She continues to teach me and I will continue to learn."

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